Witex Flooring, Inc. made its start in Germany in 1978. By 1994, Witex opened a United States division in Kennesaw, Georgia. Witex has always been a major supplier of wood coatings used in the furniture industry. In 1991, Witex became one of the first German companies to produce laminate flooring. Witex is now one of the most successful brands of laminate flooring on the market. Witex exports to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Witex manufactures both residential and commercial lines of laminate flooring. Witex commercial flooring is made to withstand the heavy use of business establishments ranging from offices to restaurants, showrooms, gyms and hotels. Witex features four different product lines of commercial laminate flooring: Laminate Castilia, Laminate Grande, Elastoclic Pur and Ceraclic Original.

The Castilia line is durable enough to use in a bathroom, kitchen or other heavily traveled area. Witex thinks so much of this line that it offers a 25 year warranty against surface wear. It is available in 12 different shades and textures.

Witex' Ceraclic line of commercial laminate features a beautiful stone look. Their X-Protect surface gives Ceraclic its extreme durability that is actually greater than any natural stone. Ceraclic surfaces are warm to the feet, unlike natural stone. The surface of this laminate is designed to have the same look and feel of natural stone.

Witex residential laminate flooring is available in both wood and stone varieties. Their specially protected coreboards make Witex laminates extremely resistant to moisture damage. Their Sound-Protect acoustic system ensures that Witex laminate flooring is as quiet as possible. The Loc-Tec click-joint makes Witex flooring very easy to install. Witex residential laminates are available in five different lines that encompass a wide selection of styles and colors. The residential line is backed by the same 25 year warranty against surface wear as the commercial line.










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