Wilsonart International, founded in Temple, Texas, has been producing laminate flooring for 50 years. They are one of the nation's leading brands of decorative laminate. Wilsonart produces laminate flooring for commercial and residential applications.

Wilsonart's Commercial line of laminate flooring features its award-winning Tap-N-Lock design of double tongue-and-groove joints combined with their new BlueFusion adhesive to ensure the strongest possible bond in demanding commercial environments. Wilsonart commercial laminate flooring is specifically designed for many different settings, such as: offices, hospitals, offices, schools, and gymnasiums. Specially designed commercial moldings and paddings are made just for this line of product. Wilsonart commercial laminate flooring was recently used as the surface of play for the National Racquetball Championships.

Wilsonart's Residential category is divided into three lines: Classic, Estate and Red Label. Each line has its own unique set of characteristics. Choosing the best line depends on a variety of factors, including where the floor will be installed, lifestyle requirements and expectations.

The Estate Plus line is an extremely durable high pressure laminate built for extreme durability and wear performance. Installation is easy using Wilsonart's patented Tap-N-Lock installation technology. This line features a lifetime residential warranty.

The Classic line of Wilsonart laminate flooring features both wood and stone styles. This line features a 20 year warranty. Matching moldings are available.

The Red Label line of laminate is available in five different species of Native American hardwood. Matching moldings are available for each of the different coloring variations. The hand-scraped Red Label line has the look of real hand scraped wood flooring.

Wilsonart prides itself on its quality product. They offer superior products at every price point. Wilsonart offers a great variety of designs that are durable, require little maintenance and are easy to install. Wilsonart laminate flooring can be installed directly over almost any existing hard surface floor material.










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