Trafficmaster laminate flooring is a budget flooring made by Shaw Industries for distribution exclusively through the Home Depot. Trafficmaster laminate flooring is inexpensive and recommended for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to try their hand at re-flooring a room. Trafficmaster laminate flooring is designed for residential and light commercial use. Trafficmaster laminates carry a 25 year limited warranty against staining, fading and surface wear.

Trafficmaster customers seem very satisfied with its look, durability and ease of installation. Trafficmaster laminates have a great look that closely mimics a real hardwood floor. It is easy to clean and impervious to dents and scratches. Trafficmaster laminates are easily installed by do-it-yourselfers.

Trafficmaster laminate flooring utilizes the direct pressure manufacturing technique which is the newest technology in laminate flooring. Through this one step process, the aluminum oxide wear-layer and decorative surface are fused together with the high density fiber board core and backing layer using 400 ft lbs of torque per inch. A chemical change actually occurs during the laminate process wherein a solid product is created. This solid laminate is guaranteed never to delaminate. An ultra-high density core is used for increased impact resistance and improved structural stability.

Trafficmaster laminate floors use a state of the art melamine wear layer reinforced with aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is the second hardest mineral compound known to man, just behind diamond. When aluminum oxide is blended with special melamine resins, it produces a laminate flooring surface that is resistant to staining, fading and wear.

The decorative layer of Trafficmaster laminate flooring is saturated with melamine resins to create an additional barrier against staining, fading and wear.

The core board of Trafficmaster laminate flooring is produced with a very durable high density fiberboard core that is specially designed to resist moisture and impacts.

Trafficmaster laminate flooring is available in Honey Oak and Classic Oak styles. A box of 20.77 Sq. Ft. of flooring sells for $51.30 at Home Depot.










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