The Tarkett Group is one of the world's largest producers of flooring. Tarkett, headquartered in Frankenthal, Germany, has over 100 years experience in the flooring business. They produce laminate flooring, plastic and linoleum flooring, hardwood floors and textile flooring. Tarkett began producing laminate flooring after a joint venture agreement in 2000. Tarkett is a global company, operating 26 production plants in ten countries.

Tarkett laminates have been divided into five categories: Essentials, Originals, Vintage, Minerals and Lamin'Art. Tarkett Essentials are high-quality laminate floors designed to emulate nature with high-quality wood interpretations. This line is Tarkett's best seller. Tarkett's wood laminates are made to look like naturally-oiled wooden floors. Tarkett produces 40 different wood laminate models that perfectly replicate their natural wood type.

Tarkett's Originals line of laminate flooring feature unique and authentic woods from fruit, tropical and other exotic wood species. They are perfect for highly-decorative room designs. Special embossing techniques give the Original line a surface with its own personality.

Tarkett Vintage series laminate floors give a new and unique look to the nostalgic past. They feature a slightly beveled edge and a significant plank format designed to give a timeless, vintage look in their rich wood designs.

The Minerals line is Tarkett's natural stone laminates. The Minerals are designed to closely replicate natural stone flooring. The Mallorca collection features a beautiful and unique broken stone design designed to give the look of Southern Europe. The laminates are subtly irregular and authentically textured. They feature a varied blend of colors mixed with deep accents for contrast.

Tarkett's Lamin'Art designs are unique and expressive. Lamin'Art flooring is designed to replicate the look, feel and matt of painted concrete. Tarkett's Loft series gives a modern touch to a home that artists love. They provide an individualist and decorative look.










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