Kronotex offers a comprehensive collection of beautiful, adhesive-free laminate flooring. Kronotex laminate flooring is stylish and affordable. Engineered in Germany, Kronotex laminate flooring is made to last.

Kronotex laminate flooring incorporates many safety and durability features that make it an excellent choice for the customer who wants a floor that will retain its beautiful look for a long time. Kronotex laminate flooring is easy to care for and hard-wearing. Kronotex flooring is designed to prevent dirt and bacteria from adhering to it. Kronotex laminate flooring is flame resistant and resistant to marring from cigarette ash. They do not fade and will maintain their brilliant look for years. Kronotex floors are impact and abrasion resistant. They are constructed with natural and sustainable raw materials and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Kronotex produces several different lines of laminate flooring in wood and ceramic styles. The Dimensions Clic 2 Clic model features 45 degree bevels on their edges which join to form a V-groove. When joined, they give the impression of solid wood planks.

With the century-old technique of brushing natural timber, Kronotex has created a naturally attractive, silky and shiny surface in its Dynamic WG line. This durable line is intended for moderate to industrial use.

The Kronotex Mega Clic 2 Clic line of ceramic laminate flooring provides the traditional look of stone tile in a laminate floor. Rome, Stonehenge and Ravenna are three popular models of Mega Clic 2 Clic flooring.

Kronotex Robusto Clic 2 Clic is the strongest product line made by Kronotex. This wood laminate flooring is built strong to sustain heavy industrial applications. Its high-density fibre board and extremely hard-wearing surface makes it an excellent choice for the extreme use of public places. Robusto Clic 2 Clic can take almost anything.

The Smart Clic 2 Clic line is a solid, all-around product available at a reasonable price. It is designed for moderate industrial use.










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