DuPont laminate flooring is available exclusively through the Home Depot. DuPont laminates feature their exclusive InterPlank Design for virtually seamless joints. DuPont laminates have MicroBevel technology to add depth and realism to the floor. DuPont's Joint Guard Glueless system prolongs floor life and its pre-installed foam underlayment adds comfort and provides noise reduction. DuPont laminate flooring comes with a 30 year wear warranty.

DuPont's laminate flooring features the Real Touch Embossed-In-Register. DuPont's Real Touch corresponds the texture of the laminate to its design. Wood laminates are made to look and feel like wood. Ceramic laminates are made to look and feel like ceramic. The Real Touch system also provides increased traction and improved slip resistance. As an added benefit, Real Touch reduces the visibility of smudges and footprints.

With DuPont's FastDesign, you can create five different floor designs with one product depending on how the planks are staggered. FastDesign can be used to create a herringbone or diamond hardwood look at a fraction of the cost of real herringbone or diamond flooring.

DuPont Multi-Directional Design allows the creation of random stone patterns in a laminate at a fraction of the price of real stone. InterPlank Design technology allows unbroken design strips to run across planks in all four directions: North, South, East and West.

DuPont Real Touch laminate flooring can be installed over almost any existing floor, whether wood, concrete, resilient tile or vinyl sheet flooring. Old floors need not be pulled up and sub floor damage need not be repaired as long as the sub floor is structurally sound, dry, clean and flat.

Home Depot carries several styles of wood and ceramic laminates at every retail outlet. Other designs are special order and can be ordered through the Home Depot. Still other designs are available only at a specialized Expo Design Center.










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