For over 40 years, Columbia Flooring, headquartered in Danville, Virginia has produced hardwood and laminate flooring. Columbia laminate flooring gives the look of hardwood combined with easy installation and maintenance and superior durability.

Columbia laminates feature an interlocking glueless design. With this method of installation, a laminate floor can be installed in half the time as a traditional glued laminate. Glueless floors can be used immediately. There is no drying time and there is much less to be cleaned up after installation. Glueless floors can be relocated and reused in another room by disassembling them. Glueless laminates are better at handling horizontal and vertical stresses and less likely to split along seams and glue joints.

Columbia laminate floors are available in several different lines. The Columbia Clic line is their original laminate flooring. It combines performance and beauty and comes with Columbia's lifetime warranty. They feature NatureTex and Surface Tex finishes that bring out the best of looks. The Classic Clic laminate line has a 9 inch width plank for ease of installation, up to 25% faster than normal laminate floors. The Canyon Clic model gives the rich look of a solid wood floor. It is affordable enough to use throughout the entire home. The Concord Clic line gives the look of a hardwood plank floor with the modern conveniences of laminate.

Columbia also manufactures laminate tile flooring. The Ceramica Clic and Cascade Clic lines are manufactured using the CeramicTex texture, a registered embossed surface that gives the look and texture of ceramic tile, including grout lines. Columbia's patented Clic design makes them much easier to install than traditional ceratmic tile. Columbia's ceramic laminates are warmer underfoot than real ceramic tile and will not chip or break. Ceramic laminates give the beautiful look of stone combined with easy maintenance.










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