Armstrong World Industries, Inc., based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of floors, ceilings and cabinets. Armstrong operates 43 plants in 12 countries. Armstrong produces both residential and commercial lines of laminate flooring.

Armstrong laminates are constructed of four different layers. The top layer is the wear layer. It is an easy to clean layer of aluminum oxide to protect the floor from stains, fading and wear. The second layer is the image design layer. This layer is a photographic image of wood, stone or almost anything the buyer can imagine. The inner core layer gives the flooring its structural strength and stability. It is constructed of high-density fiberboard and often impregnated with a plastic resin to increase the floor's strength, stability and resistance to moisture. The bottom layer of the laminate is the backing layer. The backing layer is constructed of resin saturated paper. It creates a moisture barrier that prevents warping. The layers of the laminate floor are frused together using either the direct pressure laminate (DPL) process for residential use or the high pressure laminate (HPL) process for extra-hard commercial use.

Armstrong's commercial line of flooring includes hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, luxury solid vinyl, vinyl composition tile and specialty flooring. Commercial hardwood by Armstrong is available in a wide variety of different styles and colors. Choose among the stylishly classic look of oak hardwood, the beauty of mosaic parquet or the rustic look of a classic design. Armstrong luxury vinyl tile gives the performance advantage of resilient flooring, including easy installation and maintenance. Both wood and stone styles are available.

Armstrong residential laminate flooring provides the upscale look and characteristics of real wood and stone. They are scratch and moisture resistant and are easy to maintain. Armstrong laminates are applied without glue using their patented ArmaLock Laminate Flooring Installation system. The online Armstrong Do-It-Yourself Center provides helpful advice for the DIYer to install their own Armstrong floor.










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