Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is made to stand up to the most demanding and extreme high traffic areas. It is available in a wide array of designer finishes.

Alloc Inc. is the world leader in laminate flooring. Alloc flooring features the patented mechanical locking system. Alloc is headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin. Alloc offers a full line of both commercial and residential laminate flooring.

Alloc's residential line is durable and fashionable. Alloc residential flooring is easy to install and maintain. Residential flooring is available in several different lines, including: Wood, Original, Stone, Tile, Classics, Domestic and Home Flooring.

Alloc Wood flooring has their patented Lifestrong finish that consists of seven layers of high tech coating. These layers combine to form a wear resistant surface and a level of gloss to bring out the beauty and depth of the wood. Wood flooring is available in vintage and traditional styles.

Alloc Original laminate flooring features their aluminum locking system for simple installation. It is their original line of laminate flooring that started the category over a decade ago. This line is available in a variety of colors from a chalky Smoked Oak to a casual Summer Maple to a rich red American Cherry to the dark Wenge. There are some 23 different colors available in the Original line.

Alloc Stone flooring has an authentic stone look that is mounted on easy-to-install laminate planks. The Stone line offers minimal maintenance that is common to laminate flooring. The Stone line is available in 8 different colors, ranging from a light Hearthstone to a dark Ironite.

Alloc laminate Tile flooring is an alternative to real tile flooring that has the same look of grouted tile flooring down to the smallest details, but is much easier to install and maintain. This line is available in 13 different colors.

Alloc Classics line are stylish floors that offer the look of real wood, but the ease of installation and upkeep of a laminate. Alloc Classics are available in the following designs: Classic Plank, Timber View, WoodStrip, Microbevel, and Herringbone.

The domestic line from Alloc is perfect for busy families because of its durability. This line, combining fashion and function, is available in 14 different colors.

Alloc's Home Flooring line is constructed of high density fiberboard core to stand up to heavy use. It is available in 11 different shades.










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